A&O Gear

We finally received our first shipment of Ash & Oak Gear, and are happy to offer it here for fans and supporters of our mission. We have T-Shirts and Hats as shown below.

Shirts are $20 and hats are $25. Shipping is a flat $5.

We know many of you wanted one or both. If you want to pick up some of these items, please submit a Contact Us request with your order and address for shipping. We are working on getting a store front set up, so in the meanwhile, just use the Contact us form on this website or PM us on our Facebook page.

We are still waiting on the rest of the blue hats, so if you want one of those, it will be about 10 days before we ship.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! We recognize that you may not need a $3000 table or a $1,800 bed right now, but are nevertheless supportive of our work and willing to show us a little love by “Reppin the Brand.”