About Us

Dustin (Dusty) Butler is currently active duty military with the rank of Captain in the US Army. His current assignment is teaching Military Science at the ROTC at Utah State University. He holds a BS degree in Airport Management from North Dakota State and after commissioning, he trained as a Kiowa OH-58D helicopter pilot and was deployed to South Korea. He later shifted to fixed wing and trained to fly the Guardrail and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan flying recon and serving as a Battle Captain.

Dusty has always had the woodworking gene passed down from his Grandpa Butler, and has developed his woodworking skills over the past 10 years. Dusty served a Mission in the California San Diego area. He is married to Anna and they have 3 wonderful kids. They live in Richmond Utah just north of Logan. Dusty will be transitioning out of the military soon and hopes to make Ash and Oak his new career.

Mark Butler, lovingly referred to as “Grandpa,” has worked in the IT Consulting industry for 25 years after a 10 year career with American Airlines at the Headquarters office in Dallas Texas. His professional focus has been on Business Process Improvement in connection with software development for most of those 25 years. He also has nearly equal years of experience in Organizational Change Management — almost all associated with digital transformation and disruptive innovation.

Mark learned the basics of woodworking from his father who was a “country carpenter” in southern Idaho. Mark worked with his Dad and also helped work the family farm. He began earning his own way at age 12 moving sprinkler pipe. Over the years, he worked for various big farmers in the area driving truck, moving sprinklers, hauling hay with his brother Kim, and working the land with all kinds of farm equipment. Mark has been happily married to Becky for almost 43 years and they have 4 married children and 11 grandchildren. They lived in the Dallas Ft Worth Texas area for 35 years. They were delighted to come home about 3 years ago, and live in Nibley just south of Logan. Mark served a Mission in Argentina and received his BS in Business Management from BYU.

This is our Woodshop in Richmond, Utah!